Friday, February 26, 2010


200 questionnaires.
77 pages.
15,888 words.
5 days.

It's an achievement I'm afraid to be proud of, due to the fact I had 7 weeks to do it but nevertheless left it until the very end, until when there's finally some pressure, some sense of urgency, that I'm forced to start work on it.

And it's an achievement simply because I've completed it on time. Miraculously. From the very start I wasn't very concerned about it because all these while in my uni years I've been able to complete a 5k words assignment in 1 day, therefore I was thinking: "10k words project shouldn't take me more than 3 days!"

How very naive of me. swt

reading a sample copy trying to understand why is it like it is. WHY??? @@"

It was only until I've started working on it that I realised how different it was compared to all my previous assignments. Well to be it bluntly I used to bullshit (successfully) through my previous assignments, with few hours preparation of searching for information and reference sources, and then 1 day of bull-rushing, it'd be completed. English too geng edy u see =P

But this final year project of mine was a different kind of beast. Utterly different. I underestimated the time needed to get the questionnaires all filled up and recollected, misunderstood certain chapters hence wasted time needing to figure it out, and the most serious part was I've underestimated the time needed to analyze the data collected, which was the part that took up most of my time, 3 full days specifically, despite accounting only for 3k words of the whole assignment. I ended up with 7.5k words for this one single chapter wtf.

dining-table converted into my workstation

with snowman-milo for companion on my lonely nights

The project was due on Friday 5th of February, due time was 5pm.
I finished it on Thursday 4th of February, 6pm. Rushed to Wangsa Melawati (the place where I stayed for most of my lives). Handed it to a photocopy specialist I sourced from the internet, and the worker there said the special hard-cover-thesis-binding can be completed EARLIEST on Friday 4pm.
Which was like 1 hour before my due time. And it was the estimated EARLIEST possible time wtf. I was like, WTF???

But there were no choice because that place was the fastest I've found, hence I've just handed the original copy over, pleaded them to be swift and fast with their responsibilities wtf, and then went back home and hoped for the best. Another sleepless night on top of the many previous.

Fortunately, my prayers was answered and by 345pm the other day, the worker from the shop called telling me my 2 copies of thesis was done. Anxiously but at the same time excitedly, I hurried to the shop from my house, picked up my stuffs, rushed back to HELP within 40 minutes, reaching there around 4:45pm, and then successfully passing up my FYP on time.

Phew. A big fucking PHEW.


my room during the last 2 days of the rushing period

I would never forget the period when I was rushing the project, that particular period when I was repeatedly analyzing 29-fucking-questions INDIVIDUALLY and coming up with elaborations for each and every fucking one of it. CRAZY I TELL YOU -_-

But what I wouldn't wanna forget most was the feeling, when the whole thing was finally completed. Finished. The End-ed.
It was indescribable, the feel of satisfaction, the sense of accomplishment, to finally complete such an difficult task, and to a further extent, to complete the last task required for my tertiary education.

The presentation that I needed to do on the following Monday was a piece of cake compared to this. And after all's done and dusted, I said to myself, "Is this all?"
A sense of disbelief overwhelmed me as I was left nothing else to do except for results waiting.


There's still a long road ahead of me, and I long for new challenges like these to keep my hunger for accomplishment satisfied. Yes I'm being serious when I say I like more of these plz.

Like what Admiral Farragut used to yelled in the face of danger, "FULL SPEED AHEAD!" XD

Monday, February 22, 2010

Princess Papaya's 22

Here's the b'day post I was forced to promised to write~!

Dear Janice,

I first saw you when I was 15

I became friends with you when I was 17

I fell in love with you when I was 18

Things didn't work out but we then became bestest friends for more than 5 years

Today, you finally turned an elderly old age of 22

How time flies right? =D

There was a time when I used to write love letters

used to use your nick as my password

used to bring along this lucky crystal-stone-thingy of yours wherever I went

and (still) have my only soft toy on my bed with me

Without a doubt, you will always be the one that got away.
and the fact that you're the ugly duckling *never ugly la in my eyes but juz a metaphor k =P* turned beautiful swan makes it even more sour.
*lol green envy monster inside surface its head*

But but but,
I wouldn't change it one bit.
Looking at how happy you've became over these years, how grown up and how you've matured (albeit very slowly), and how you've finally settled down love-wise, is the best answer to the dreaded "What if?" question.

So everything is ideally in place, all that's left is to do is the obligatory wishes of all the best, be healthy lose some fat dun fall sick you weakling do some exercise plz, and be happy with a smile on your chubby face always =)

Happy Birthday drunkard

the only photo u took wif me during ur bday. drunk, eyes closed, head pointing downwards, and fugly as f*ck.
-__-" u seriously dun like to take pictures wif me hor zzz


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars

It's Chinese New Year
The skies are filled with fireworks

It's Valentine's Day
The air is filled with love

Just like stars in the skies
Fireworks light up the horizon

Hand in hand
Lovers watched in awe

Fireworks and Love
What a marvelous combination

insufficient stars, swt

Happy CNY to everyone~
and Happy Valentine's Day
to anyone in love~

I♥U =)

Sunday, January 31, 2010

I wasn't forgotten!


They remember me!

They who you ask?

They means the gym which I had membership with =P

But... it's been dunno how many months since I last went there for workouts. maybe half a year. or more. swt.
and last I remembered, the last visit I went there it was still called CALIFORNIA FITNESS, with the huge Jackie Chan poster outside as their ambassador in Midvalley. Remember or not?

Now it's called CELEBRITY FITNESS. swt.
I'm guessing California Fitness went bankrupt or something and Celebrity took over hmm whatever la I still got my membership although they've changed owner and management.

and it's valid through October of 2012!
which is like 3 more years to go buahaha XD I'm happy I dunno why lol

gonna pay a visit to the gym soon when I'm done busying my argh-signment <=\

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Mommy~

It's my mommy's bday 2day~

well she's been getting really emo and grumpy of late due to stress at work, hope that she relax abit and grow up! stop acting like a child under certain situations! sometimes she makes me think that I'm way older and more matured than her due to her short temper, emo-ness, and lack of common sense SWT...

and her constant nagging!!!
and her random bear hugs @@" behtahan~

urgh, that's a bit too tight mom X(

Despite those annoying things that she does,
I still know she loves me very much.
always gets me anything I ask for since I was a little boy.
I wan to eat mentos, she bought me and let me eat until I kena asthma.
I wanted a bicycle upgrade when I was still a kid riding the three-wheelies, she went and bought me the bestest bike available.
I wan a pair of jogging shoes, she went and bought me the best and most expensive pair.
I wan phone she went and and got me one immediately.
and those bearhugs! yes they annoy me but I still like them =D I think I grew up becoming a cuddly guy is all because of my cuddly mommy lol
she not that good in showing her feelings, so she does it her own way for showing her love to me, and yes after so many years being her son I do get what she wants to express although sometimes she does it so damn weirdly swt
and ANNOYING! oh it's that word again XD

But she's turning 55 today~
can take out all her EPF to enjoy life edy lol

wish her a happy, and I really mean HAPPY days in the coming years... no more emo-ness and no more nagging me -.-
and share me some of her EPF money~ lalala XD

Happy Birthday mommy, I love you

cute mommy =D

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Premature #2

Well, the thing is, I've been jumping to conclusions too harshly recently.

That's why there's the need to clarify things.

Things such as why there is a need for the modification of my previous "Premature" post #1, as it no longer serve its purpose anymore, hence is inappropriate to be shown in its original version to the masses.

And things like, urm, decision should always be made under a clear mind, not when in anger or frustration, as these emo-ness often cloud logical thinking and leads to irreversible consequences.

Consequences like losing your loved one?
Over some small stuffs, some insignificant arguements?
Hrm that's some food for thought.

Girls, they're an emo bunch. Why ar? lol

Pardon me as I seem to be stereotyping people, but it annoys me to no ends when I see the fairer sex erupting over some non-substantial issues, or self-imposing curfew into a self-made cocoon while under pressure, or even choosing the easy route out of an problem by just simply giving up.

Giving up.
Hmm. I don't particularly like this attribute.
Me myself is the type where giving up is not an option, and fight-til-the-end is usual how I do stuffs. Too much testosterone I guess XD

Alright back to the topic, yes I hate people giving up, and yes, decision should be made after thorough consideration.
One is my personal preference and the other is pure common sense.

Due to both of these, my life of late has been consisting of all sorts of premature incidents.
Premature starts. Premature decisions. Premature endings. And yes, Premature blog posts that appeared way too early.


Grow up already I say, what do you expect from a man turning 23 this coming march @@"
I'm not thinking straight anymore, time to sign off yet another emo post Wohoo~

Monday, January 11, 2010


started with a spark,

fueled by foolish naivety.

over the horizon,

expectations were lurking.

just when love was going to take over,

a void appeared.

like the rabbit hole Alice fell into,

everything started to crumble.

flushed by empty promises,

our flame of lust

ended with a fizz.



*wtf is wrong. this post has been published then hidden then published once again due to certain lousy reasons fml* *here we go again lol XD*